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Cape couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary

A couple, who spent a little more than 40 years working side by side, will soon celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. “All of us feel like they are such a wonderful example of what marriage should be. They have a true love story,” Judy Kampf said of her parents. “On Dec. 4, the ...

A stone’s throw

Back when Tommy Dorsey's “There Are Such Things” topped the charts, an Ohio teenager tossed a few small rocks to get the attention of a pretty girl. Unbeknownst to them, they were only a stone’s throw away from finding the love of their life. Now fast forward lifetimes: On Aug. 16, Cape ...

Eslingers celebrate 60th wedding anniversary

Ray and Sue Eslinger celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on May 14th. They have been blessed with a wonderful life, 2 children, 8 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Formerly of St. James City, they now reside in Cape Coral with their dog, Annie.

Gattis to celebrate 58th anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. James Gatti will celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary with a gathering to be held in Cape Coral. Jim and Petra Gatti were married July 25, 1960, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Connec-ticut. The couple has two daughters, one granddaughter and three adorable great grandchildren.

Medars celebrate 60th anniversary

Marlene Kaputa and Andrew Medar Jr. were married on June 15, 1957. Marlene and Andy celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at a reception held at the Palmetto Pine Country Club on June 17, 2017, with 114 family members and friends. The members of the bridal party in attendance were Andrea ...

Smiths celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

Patricia A. and Tom C. Smith celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Tuesday, July 11. They have two children, son, Brian Smith and his wife, Nancy, and their son, Joe, 16; and daughter, Cathleen Bentley and her husband, Tim, and their sons, Bryce, 9, and Brock, 2 1/2 months. Patricia and Tom ...

Cape Coral City Council passes budget

With most of the details already worked out and very few citizens in attendance, it took all of 20 minutes for the Cape Coral City Council to approve the property tax rate and fiscal year 2017 budget Thursday during the final public hearing at city hall.It might have gone even faster had the ...

Woman to wed on grandparent’s golden anniversary

Robert and Rosanne Trabucco will receive one whale of a 50th wedding anniversary present this weekend from their granddaughter.When they celebrate this milestone this Sunday, they will also celebrate the wedding of their granddaughter at one of their favorite vacation destinations.Malorie Dolan ...

Prangers to celebrate 65th wedding anniversary

Bill and Pat Pranger of Cape Coral will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary during a family weekend at South Seas Resort at Captiva Island. The couple's five children and their spouse's will be in attendance. Bill and Pat were first married Sept. 29, 1948, in Chicago.

Ottensmanns celebrate 50th anniversary

Sally Ann and James Ottensmann celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013. They repeated their vows at the Hunt Chapel of Faith Presbyterian Church with the ceremony conducted by the Rev. Dr. H. Timothy Halverson. Music was provided by solos sung by Kathleen Luby. A ...