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Woman to wed on grandparent’s golden anniversary

By Staff | Sep 22, 2016

Robert and Rosanne Trabucco will receive one whale of a 50th wedding anniversary present this weekend from their granddaughter.

When they celebrate this milestone this Sunday, they will also celebrate the wedding of their granddaughter at one of their favorite vacation destinations.

Malorie Dolan will tie the knot Sunday with Vin Saccomani at a destination wedding in Blowing Rock, N.C. on the same day her grandparents walked down the aisle in 1966.

The Trabuccos don’t mind sharing the spotlight. In fact, they are honored that their granddaughter chose such a special day.

“They’re special to us. She’s our first granddaughter and the 50th was something special, so that’s the day she picked,” Rosanne said. “We’ll be able to celebrate it together.”

The Trabuccos moved to Cape Coral in 1975, while Malorie and her husband are lifelong Cape Coral residents. Malorie and her parents lived with the Trabuccos for the first year of her life before they got their own home next door.

“My grandparents were an instrumental part of my upbringing and I grew up next to them my whole life. They were always like a second set of parents,” Dolan said. “I always admired their love story and thought it was an appropriate day.”

The Trabuccos have always enjoyed visiting North Carolina (and traveling in general), Robert enjoyed photography and the majestic pictures he would get, and they would rent vacation cabins there in the past. This time around, for the wedding, they rented a cabin that can sit 16 so the entire family can enjoy it, Rosanna said.

Dolan said her wedding would take place on the side of a mountain to provide plenty of photographic opportunities.

While Rosanne said she hoped they would concentrate more on the wedding, Dolan said they would incorporate the anniversary into the actual ceremony and do a whole spreadsheet of her grandparents throughout their years of marriage.

Malorie and her soon-to-be husband have now bought their first home on Cornwallis Parkway in Cape Coral, and will have ample opportunities to see them and perhaps bring them some great-grandchildren in the future.

Dolan hopes her marriage can match the success of her grandparents.

“I’m honored. Their anniversary has always been a very special day every year for our family. If our marriage is anything like theirs, then I have a happy future ahead of me,” Dolan said.