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‘A super blessing’

On Dec. 30, Dawn Sliger said a prayer for a new car. Later that day at work, it was answered. “For a belief system like that to put an angel in human form and manifest it to make that happen through such a beautiful man and his kindness,” she said. “It’s just crazy how it happened.” The 40-year-old had been without a vehicle for almost a year. On that fateful December day, three people came in to Masala Mantra during Sliger’s shift. Three eventually became a party of eight. For the sake of the receipt, Slinger asked at the end of the meal if the bill would be altogether or separate. “There was a man in the corner named E.J.,” she said. “I watched him dote on his friends and family. He wanted them to have a good experience.” Sliger had never met him. She’d been working full-time at Masala Mantra at 4518 Del Prado Blvd., S., for two to three ...

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