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Requiring rental registrations would make for quieter neighborhoods

By Staff | Feb 11, 2021

To the editor:

The Cape Coral City Council is again debating how best to deal with developing and enforcing a residential registration and noise ordinance. You can give them your input by going to Capecoral.net, City Clerk, Agenda where you can submit your input by “ecomment” to them and a copy to your City Councilperson. Here is mine dated Feb 9:


Please help all the residents retire and live here in peace.

I would request that you support the licensing and registration of every rental. The owner or their agent need to give the city (311) a 24/7 working number where they can be reached to deal with their own noisy renters and given the chance to contact the offending renters first. The rental agreement can stipulate that the fines resulting from the renters’ failure to abide by the rental contract can be passed on to them or they can be evicted. If the owner or their agent can not be reached or fail to control the noise, the police should be dispatched within 10 minutes resulting in fines to cover the cost. Ten minutes is a long time to listen to noise when one is trying to sleep. Neighborhood houses are being turned into mini party hotels and some of their renters are making life miserable for residents who need to sleep so they can go to work or just spent all of their money on a retirement home here and just want peace and quiet.

Other neighbors are complaining that it is the homeowners, themselves, making their neighbor’s lives miserable. Residential neighborhoods are the areas where we live and relax in our pools and sleep! Please put a stop to the party noise Sunday through Thursday by 9 p.m. in residential neighborhoods. 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Cape Harbor stops their entertainment at those times — why can’t neighbors do the same? And limit how many nights a week they can party. Every night is excessive and makes life hell for some of our neighbors. Moving is not an option and without uniform rules that are enforced who knows when a property goes up for sale what the next new neighbor will do.

We have rented from airbnb and VRBO many times over the past several years and always have had to sign an agreement that we would not have parties. The owners are responsible for their guests’ behavior in those communities. Responsible owners, their agents and renters should have no issues with the requirements.

Please find and enforce a solution as other communities have done.


Lynn Hagedorn

Cape Coral