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GYMGUYZ brings personal workouts to customers’ homes or businesses

By CJ HADDAD - | Jun 7, 2024


Sick of hitting the gym, having to wait to use equipment or just don’t know how to get your fitness journey started?

GYMGUYZ, the world’s largest in-home and on-site personal training franchise, has now arrived in Southwest Florida, where trainers bring a tailored workout to you.

Owned by local husband-and-wife duo, Matt and Alissa Torma, Matt is an Army Veteran who found a love for fitness while serving. Fitness became a part of his daily routine, and after leaving the Army, he kept up with being active, but missed the service aspect of being in the Armed Forces. Together, Matt and Alissa decided to combine his two passions, fitness and service, to bring a new GYMGUYZ location to Southwestern Florida, serving Cape Coral down to Naples.

“Looking at this concept and meeting folks throughout my life, I had soldiers and folks around me that were never interested in exercise or going to the gym,” Matt said. “Seeing them pick up on it and change their entire life was awesome. From the physical aspect, to mental health aspect, and longevity after that, it’s obvious what fitness does to someone’s life.

“GYMGUYZ is meant to service just not those for the convenience of having someone that specializes in this coming to them, having that one-on-one connection or group class that’s focused on exercise and getting that person in front of them better, but also for those folks that have that gym anxiety. It’s definitely a thing. We can tailor any program to that specific person, young or old, which is a unique concept.”

GYMGUYZ uses a variety of customized fitness programs, including strength training, cardio fitness, sports conditioning, group fitness, weight loss and toning, senior fitness, youth and teen fitness, assisted stretch and nutrition counseling to help people reach their health goals. GYMGUYZ’s certified personal trainers are experts in using program methodologies, and employ various techniques and tools to ensure that no two workouts are ever the same, but are always fun and challenging. There are no contracts or monthly fees and the first session is always free.

Matt said he and his team are excited to take on the Southwest Florida area with open arms, and are hoping to make a difference in their client’s lives.

GYMGUYZ officially introduced itself to the community at the Fort Myers Mighty Mussels game last week, spreading the word of exactly what they can do for those that chose their services.

All trainers are nationally accredited and vetted, and all specialize in a specific type of fitness.

A first session is for assessment of the individual, and to get to know exactly what that person is looking for on their fitness journey.

“The whole focus of it is, we’re not going to come to them and tell them ‘this is what we’re doing. This is what we want your goal to be.’ Because we have that one-on-one connection, we ask them what they’re trying to do. We can take that, and our trainers tailor a program from the data we received during our assessment. You can’t get more intimate than being in someone’s home or work. You don’t have to look around for equipment in the gym. One hundred percent of our time is dedicated solely to that client and their goal.”

GYMGUYZ trainers travel in their own vehicle that’s chock full of equipment for any and every type of workout — everything from resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, bench, agility ladders and so much more.

“Our trainers are really keen on being able to take something that I think someone would think is sort of a start-out piece of equipment, and be able to turn on different variables to make it more advanced,” Matt said. “It’s pretty impressive to see how our equipment is integrated to a full range of exercises to meet a client’s goals. And every workout is different, fun and creative.”

A big appeal of GYMGUYZ is that it can be an outlet for those who have gym anxiety, as well as those who are seasoned gym veterans.

“I have my routine as a seasoned gym-goer, and our trainers challenge me all the time,” Matt said. “Being able to bring in a lot of this equipment and be able to make variations where folks see change in their routine is great. Bring in our trainers with the background they have (golf fitness, hit and cardio, strength) — there are a lot of different focuses which is hard to find. Elimination of distraction is where you’re going to get a lot of that change.”

With a high senior population in Southwest Florida, many want to stay active, and GYMGUYZ can be the perfect choice for an older generation.

“We want to bring something here that’s a massive asset, that young and old can participate in,” Matt said. “There’s a direct correlation between fitness and eliminating disease and illness. Staying active keeps you healthy in any sense. When it comes to seniors, it’s a huge focus. Even if it’s just for their golf or pickleball game. They don’t have to drive to the gym, and all of our trainers have experience with seniors.”

Currently, GYMGUYZ serves over 1,100 cities across three countries and is continuing to grow rapidly as in-home and on-site workouts grow in popularity. Due to its success in the consumer market, GYMGUYZ has recently expanded its capabilities outside of in-home workouts, now offering fitness programs at corporations, schools, hospitals and residential communities including apartment complexes and senior living centers.

GYMGUYZ workouts are 60 minutes, and are available to schedule from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“We really want to cater to all walks of life,” Matt said. “We want to make sure either early risers or those who need it after work are serviced.”

Trainers can assist with meal programs, and offer a long-form assisted stretch program.

“It’s a new concept we launched across the organization,” Matt said. “What that brings to the table is assisted stretch that benefits across the board of reducing injury, recovering from injury and advancing your program. We’ve also seen a lot of attention around heavy golfers and senior community. It’s picking up across the country. We also carry stretch tables, so you can add it to the end of the workout or another session during the week. The feedback has been amazing and it changes the way you feel.”

For more information on GYMGUYZ Southwest Florida, visit gymguyz.com/southwestflorida or call 239-744-2944.