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Did You Know? II

By Staff | Sep 18, 2020

From the early years of Cape Coral mostly garnered from the headlines of the Cape Coral Breeze:

* Advertisements for available land for sale in Cape Coral were published across the U.S. starting in January 1958.

* In April 1958, the Kenny Swartz family became the first “official” residents of Cape Coral.

* In 1959, the Duffalas family was the first to illuminate Christmas lights in the Cape.

* The first library opened in the Cape Coral Shopping Plaza in November 1962.

* On Nov. 28, 1963, a memorial service was held for President John F. Kennedy.

* The Cape Coral Bridge opened in March 1964

* In March 1964, members of the Pittsburgh Pirates resided in Cape Coral during Spring Training, held

at Terry Park in Fort Myers.

* 212 students attended the first day of school at Cape Elementary on Aug. 31, 1964.

* In May 1965, Publix opened on Cape Coral Parkway.