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Trump denied constitutional rights

By Staff | Jun 7, 2024

To the editor:

The U.S. Department of Justice has become nothing but a group of brownshirts for the Democrats and the Biden Administration. They protect him, his family and his friends while creatively concocting make-believe criminal charges against his opponent, President Donald Trump.

As a retired lawyer, I believe President Trump was denied many of his constitutional rights in this recent trial in New York City. He was denied due process of law, the right to know the charges and crimes he was accused of and denied first amendment rights of free speech by a partisan judge, who should have recused himself from the case. The judge even suggested potential crimes to the jury that they could consider but that Trump was never given notice of. He was also denied a change of venue to a more politically diverse area.

On the other hand, let us look at President Joe Biden. According to Hunter Biden’s laptop Hunter made large amounts of money from oligarchs and a Ukrainian oil company and received money from the Chinese Communist Party but 10% went to the Big Guy. We all know who that is. Yet no serious investigation on President Biden. Biden stacked classified documents in his garage near his Corvette, yet the DOJ refused to prosecute him because he is a poor frail old man. A.G. Garland even covered up for Biden by refusing to hand over the audios of the interviews with Biden and the DOJ to Congress. Double standard much?

Arthur E. Amidano

Cape Coral