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Project 2025

By Staff | May 24, 2024

To the editor:

The Presidential Transition Project describes the changes to our country if Conservatives win in the 2024 election. Be an informed voter — 2024 may be the last democratic election in America. Google “Project 2025” and forward it on to everyone you know. Read the Policies and the Playbook. And ask yourself not whether you are a “conservative” or a “raging woke liberal” — but if these policies are what you really want for the future country of your children and grandchildren. A “Unified Reich” indeed.

If you again vote for elected representatives who voted to overturn the will of the people in the free and fair 2020 election (as determined by 62 court cases in nine states –dismissed, overturned or overruled) know that you are complicit in determining your loved ones’ fate and the fate of our great country. We have previously elected a corrupt, pathologic liar as POTUS who supports SCOTUS members who fly the American flag at their homes upside-down in support of the January 6th Insurrection. Who lied to get appointed and who, with their wives, also supported overturning the results of 2020. Our so-called “Republican” politicians are doing the bidding of wealthy corporations and campaign donors in order to keep their jobs. They have demonstrated that they care more about their current paycheck than women’s rights/healthcare, the environment, educating our young, protecting them from gun violence, stopping illegal immigration. They have been purchased fair and square but we common folks are paying the price. Thank you SCOTUS for Citizens United and the ability of the wealthy to buy the rules. Will you now rule that no one is above the law except Trump? Can we all agree that it is time for term and age limits for all of our elected and appointed officials? And do away with corporate money buying our elections?

We “the people” need to unite to take our country back from the powerful corrupt on the payroll of the wealthy –who we ignorantly support and put into power. We can probably all agree that our government corruption is only getting worse and our legal system is in shambles. If you want more of the same, keep voting party lines as if it were the same as choosing a sports team.

When someone shows you who they are — believe them the first time.

Lynn A. Hagedorn, MD

Cape Coral