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Guest Commentary | New request required if you plan to vote by mail

By TOMMY DOYLE - Lee County Supervisor of Elections | Feb 29, 2024

Tommy Doyle

The March 19 Presidential Preference Primary will be here soon. If you plan to vote by mail in this year’s elections, you must submit a new request. I encourage you to act now! Voting by mail is the most convenient way to cast your vote. Visit lee.vote to request your mail ballot.

To continue providing superior election services, we implemented BallotTrax — a secure ballot tracking and notification service that provides you with a series of updates on the state of your Vote-by-Mail Ballot through email, text and phone alerts during the election.

When you sign up for this free service, you will receive notifications every step of the way — from the time your ballot is mailed, to when it is received and counted. If an issue arises with your ballot, you will receive an alert with instructions on how to resolve it.

To sign up for BallotTrax and customize your notification preferences, visit our website at lee.vote.

Instilling trust in the election process and increasing transparency in conducting elections in Lee County is paramount. Physical security and cybersecurity remain top priorities in keeping our elections safe and accurate.

Beginning this year, we will use Clear Ballot — a post-election audit system certified by the state of Florida to verify election results. This system allows us to scan 100 percent of the ballots used in an election and compare election results from Vote-by-Mail, Early Voting and Election Day to ensure the accuracy of our tabulation system. This will further strengthen our election process and provide greater assurance to voters.

Florida has the strictest election laws in the United States to prevent voter fraud. My team and I, together with the Supervisors of Elections across the state, work diligently to uphold the statutorily mandated voter registration and election procedures that work to preserve the integrity of the election process.

As your Supervisor of Elections, let me assure you that my team and I remain committed to safeguarding the integrity of elections in Lee County by continuing to conduct accurate, secure and transparent elections.

As your trusted source for election information, please contact me or my staff with any questions or concerns.

Tommy Doyle is the Lee County Supervisor of Elections. For more information, visit lee.vote or call 239-533-8683.