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School Policies | Woke ideology has no home in Lee County

By Staff | Feb 22, 2024

To the editor:

A group known as “The Purple Group” has been formed in Lee County. They spread their woke agendas under the umbrella of education advocates. All Lee County residents must be concerned. I have read and seen “The Purple Group” sending its followers to the Board of Education meetings dressed in purple, writing letters to local papers, and giving talks spreading their woke agendas in education sectors.

A New Jersey Retired Superintendent of Schools wrote in a Letter to Editor in The Breeze dated Feb. 9, 2024, criticizing the political party leader who organized a rally against the indoctrination of woke ideology in our Lee County schools. He accused the party leader of attacking a teacher. I am sure the retired superintendent knows the political party leader was not attacking the teacher but was opposing the illegal propagating of woke ideology in the school.

“The Purple Group” strikes again but we know the purpose of the rally. It was to ensure the Lee County Board of Education requires our teachers to follow the law and educate our children in their respective subject matters, not propagate them with woke ideology. “The Purple Group” and woke ideology has no home in Lee County Schools.

Arthur E. Amidano

Cape Coral