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Keep liberal ideologies out of the classroom

By Staff | Feb 9, 2024

To the editor:

Last week I read a Guest Commentary in The Breeze titled, “Everybody’s an Expert,” who wondered why teachers get no respect for being experts.

It is because many teachers, with elitist attitudes, have their own hidden liberal agendas meant to change the ideological opinions many children are taught at home.

Let us consider the flag posted in a classroom at Riverdale High School emblazing the slogan, “Hate has no home here.” Under the slogan are symbols of various liberal ideologies that are morally offensive to many parents and students in Lee County. The flag falsely teaches indirectly the message that we must embrace these ideologies, for if we do not, we hate. This message is clearly not true. We can hate an ideology.

Hating people has no home anywhere. It would have been better, if the teacher was only interested in spreading love, to simply post the words of Christ: “These things I command you, that you love one another,” John 15:17. Clearly, the advance of the woke ideologies is emblazoned on this flag.

Parents can question teachers and protest teachers who propagate their liberal ideology upon the children in Lee County. If teachers want respect, they should keep their liberal ideas to themselves and focus their expertise only on the subjects being taught. Teachers, keep your liberal ideologies out of the classroom and you will be given respect you seek in your expertise.

Arthur E. Amidano

Cape Coral