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Ways to aid Ukraine

By Staff | Feb 2, 2024

To the editor:

Many people in the community ask me how to help Ukraine. And many of you who have been reading my publications in The Breeze know that I am a proponent of Military Aid to Ukraine, as well as Humanitarian Parole. My family and I have leveraged this program to sponsor a young Ukrainian couple to come to the United States, who have successfully integrated into our Cape Coral community. They have become some of my best friends. Through this young couple, I have become connected with a Ukrainian Commander named Yuri, who is currently stationed in active combat on Ukraine’s Lyman area, 20 km from Bakhmut. Commander says his brigade fires two strikes per day per every 20-50 Russian strikes. His brigade would get 10 new missiles per day, but fire 50. Commander’s brigade is severely under-armed, which symbolizes the unacceptable status of Ukraine’s fight in its war against Russia.

I have decided to adopt Commander Yuri’s brigade as a community effort wherein we can contribute funds so the brigade can directly purchase provisions. These provisions can be anything from supplies replenishment for day-to-day life on the rugged battlefront, to drones which will be utilized in active combat.

Through them, we can make a small impact in the war.

But still, there is no better impact than the capabilities of U.S. military aid to Ukraine. That’s why I have not given up on attempting to reach Congressman Byron Donalds and urge him to adopt my ideas in the my Dec. 29, 2023 Breeze op-ed, “Ukraine needs military aid.” Please, if you see Byron, tell him you support my ideas. You may also support this political cause by simply sending a letter to your legislator with the click of a button at protectukrainenow.org.

As for Commander Yuri’s brigade, please join me on my new journey to sponsor this brigade, check in with them, support them, and uplift them. To get involved, learn more, and receive updates on my brigade, follow HERE.

A special thanks to the Cape Coral Breeze and its loyal readers for giving me a voice and listening.

Alexandra Zakhvatayev

Cape Coral