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Is America safe?

By Staff | Mar 23, 2023

To the editor:

Is there anything that government does that is more important than keeping its citizens safe? Yet our cities have become gradually worse over time.

Recently there was an article saying that the notorious gang MS13 is expanding to Mexico of all places to compete against the cartels. Can you imagine that we have made crime so successful that they can expand to Mexico? MS13 proves that America doesn’t go to war against crime.

America is big enough and has enough tools to stop almost anything and certainly gangs like MS13 is a small operation compared to ISIS and the like. The fact that America doesn’t go to war against crime is purely political.

Minnesota has digressed as much as any state. Politically Minnesota took two steps. They tried to defund the police and they installed liberal attorneys that were soft on crime letting criminals arrested loose in a few hours and then not prosecute. Can you imagine how insulting and unsatisfying it would be to have someone throw away your work of catching a criminal by letting him loose without even a hearing? The police responded by retiring early and quitting to get a job with some other town. Minneapolis is now short 22% of their budgeted number of police. An attractive pension awaits but many will not suffer for years to qualify for a pension.

The result of all this is a step change in crime. People in the cities, stay away from stores and downtown areas as much as they can; have to take safety measures to work downtown; have to buy a gun to protect their household; have to get used to gunshots in the neighborhood in the middle of the night; live where their kids are exposed to gangs, rape, murder, etc. Kids then see crime as normal and might even get involved. Many stores are moving out of the severe crime areas. The common element in these cities is the governance by Democrats. Minneapolis has 13 Democrats on the council and one Green Party member.

The Dems’ strategy overall is to pursue special interest and they have enough of those to turn an election. In Minnesota, not only has Minnesota become very soft on crime but now they are passing a law to let felons vote. There are 4.6 million felons in this country that could become a special interest market for Dems.

Should Americans suffer extra crime to help the Democrats gain power?

Do you think it is too much to expect to be safe when you live in America?

John Benedict

Cape Coral