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Support the ‘Ban the Jab’ Resolution

By Staff | Mar 9, 2023

To the editor:

Re: the 2/24/23 article “Lee Republican Party Executive Committee passes ‘Ban the Jab’ Resolution.”

People may not be aware but because Covid-19 so-called “vaccines” are Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) drugs, informed consent is required from the recipient. However, pharmaceutical companies and governmental agencies have withheld full information on them for over two years. In fact, we have been lied to repeatedly by Flip Flop Fauci on down about safety and effectiveness, so true informed consent cannot be given.

In addition, per the FDA website, recipients “have the option to accept or refuse the vaccine.” Therefore, EUA drugs cannot be mandated. Despite this, it was Mandate Away! for the military, airlines, healthcare workers, jobs, schools, travel and, in some states, to merely enter a business.

People are pressured even without mandates, such as athletes who are threatened to submit or be benched, with disastrous consequences as many are collapsing and dying. Others, including young children, are dying suddenly from heart attacks. Banned shots=No mandates.

As for banning them taking away choice: A choice for what? They do not prevent infection or transmission. All risk. No benefit. No thanks.

There are also valid concerns about spike proteins.

The Florida Surgeon General has found a 4,400% increase in VAERS reports of “life-threatening conditions” in Florida since these drugs were introduced. He also recommended against giving them to males aged 18-39 due to the increased risk of cardiac-related death.

Meanwhile, the CDC continues its finger-in-the-wind method of choosing guidelines while thousands flock to Florida for freedom.

Let’s hope the Lee County Republican Party Executive Committee’s resolution meets with success in expanding that freedom. Kudos to them for their bold effort to protect Florida residents from further harm.

Winnie Harrison

Cape Coral