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Buy popcorn and have a seat

By Staff | Jan 19, 2023

To the editor:

We continue to hear the Democratic marketing of the Jan. 6 event. We taxpayers have once again paid many millions of dollars for the Democrats to use the Jan. 6 event totally out of proportion for almost two years. It is time to rationalize this event and put it in perspective.

First of all no doubt Trump overstepped his bounds, which isn’t totally unique. A lady named Hillary did the same but she was not president so she did not have the tools to make the stink that Trump made and the unfriendly media. I have little sympathy for Trump. He was one of our best presidents ever but by denigrating other Republicans he lost the election that he should have won by 10 points and many of his accomplishments were trashed. You can’t make an impact if you don’t get elected. Trump is toast.

Little is said about several important issues. First, the security at the Capitol was terrible just like it was in Democratic-controlled cities during the riots of 2020 and 2021. Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and the mayor of Washington, D.C. were responsible for security. With adequate security there would have been no loss of life and no break in. They were warned by several people to take action such as enlisting the National Guard and working more policemen overtime but that fell on deaf ears.

But for the Democrats to make the Jan. 6 protest that lasted about three hours so large is the height of hypocrisy because the Democrats have been the purveyors of riots for almost two years and they seemed to encourage the riots and limit the police even to the point of defunding them.

Seattle cut their police budget by 17%. They are now 400 officers short. They have no time to investigate new sexual assault cases and are unable to respond to many 911 calls. Portland is short 100 police officers. Result is that Portland murder rate is 3 times that of two years ago. Minneapolis riots destroyed 1,500 businesses and burned a police station down. Police are now less by 22%. They had 600 carjackings last year.

All the cities which are Democratic governed are setting crime records. The Capitol building hasn’t had a single person killed since a policeman killed a woman rioter Jan. 6. Maybe that is the difference between riots from the left vs. riots from the right.

Insurrection is a scary word that Dems like to use. It means a violent uprising against an authority or government. That perfectly describes the riots in our cities. Is murder and injuries to police (authority) violent enough? How about burning a police station down or seceding several blocks of the city not allowing police into that area? Attacking a federal building and trying to burn it down?

Then you have the federal law issues. I wouldn’t call the FBI. They are Democrats. Investigations, indictments, making news on negative issues involving the opposing party has seemed to be the primary work of many in Congress. No one is more skilled at marketing a negative to gain power than the Democrats as proven by the last two elections.

The truest words ever spoken — “You reap what you sow.”

The Republicans in the House are now sitting in the catbird seat and are itching to get to investigations.

I am buying popcorn finding a comfortable seat and waiting for a terrific side show!

John Benedict

Cape Coral