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What happened to the Red Wave?

By Staff | Nov 17, 2022

To the editor:

When did voters start to care more about abortion and “threat to democracy” than inflation, energy prices, cost of debt borrowing-mortgages and credit cards, grocery prices, crime, cost of living etc?

Democrats are so proud of the fact more young people turned out to vote in this mid-term than ever before. Maybe it is because Biden promised to cancel their student loan debt.

Now that the election is over, (less than a week) a Texas judge has declared canceling the debt is not legal because Biden didn’t clear it with Congress. Biden knew this would happen; he gets his party elected and is out no money.

Our “woke generation” is not paying attention to anything other than what benefits them.

Look at the mess we will be in for two more years. Next election “kids,” think about what is good for our nation as a whole, not just you. Remember how the Democrats played you for a fool.

Patricia Cooper

Cape Coral