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Emotion-spurred, freebie-driven voting will lead to America’s demise

By Staff | Nov 17, 2022

To the editor:

Over the weekend I saw a cartoon that was excellent. Trump was setting at his desk and his advisor looked at the election results and said “Amazing! People disliked you more than inflation and crime.” The anti-Trump impact was significant although I doubt that will make him step aside. If he doesn’t he will impact an election negatively for the third time.

It is true that in the blue and light grey states, abortion and anti-Trump Democratic marketing seemed to reign. In the red states it was more about freedom, limiting government with pandemic measures so our kids continued in school, few masks, pro-small business, lower taxes, fight inflation, etc. What I would call a healthy America.

In the blue states, there seemed to be no penalty for the rampant crime in our cities, the drop in education, the major increase in taxes, inflation and the large rise in homelessness and illegal immigrants. The abortion change of Roe v. Wade had a major impact on votes oddly enough in states that continue to have abortion freedom.

The lessons of Nov. 8, 2022 seems to be an affirmation that many voters don’t vote for items that have a major impact on their financial life, personal safety, illegal activity, freedom of expression or freedom from overreach by government. They vote on their emotions such as their dislike of Trump and the abortion issue that didn’t really change anything except in a few red states that are predominantly pro-life anyway. Those emotional issues seemed more important than having your dollar value drop by 9% in just one year or endure the invasion at the border with senseless crime, huge government cost and the breaking of laws a couple millions times a year.

The other issue seems to be government handouts. The trillions of dollars added to the debt in the last few years seems to be acceptable without a hiccup particularly with those who enjoy financial benefit. We now have crossed the threshold that Socrates predicted. Democracy only works until the majority of voters realize they can vote for benefits the government can’t afford. As with Argentina many years ago, our demise is imminent, slow but imminent. The Democrats have certainly realized the best way to power is through government handouts which result in more votes which results in more power.

The biggest positive for me is that we have the best governor in America and our lives are the most efficient and have the most freedom. I just hope the blue state people moving to Florida do not change Florida government to what made them leave their blue state.

John Benedict

Cape Coral