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Answers not forthcoming

By Staff | Nov 17, 2022

To the editor:

At the BoCC meeting on Oct.18, 2022, approval was given to Crowder Gulf for a five-year contract signed by the County Manager, Roger Desjarlais. The County Attorney, Richard Wesch, cited all sorts of resolutions which made it possible for the county manager to single handedly sign a contract which normally requires scrutiny and approval at more than just his level. After researching other “emergency” approvals within the county, it seems that they were all for the term of seven days.

How is it possible that a five-year long contract can be considered to be an emergency signing?

The contract was being sold by all involved as an overall reduction in cost but yet the line item for out-of-county hauling was increased 800%. And to address this item, the contract calls for anyplace from $60 per hour to $170+ per hour for vehicles that would be used for hauling. If cost (and profit) for these vehicles is covered by this hourly charge, isn’t paying mileage on top of this be double-dipping?

Is there any way this can be explained other than the County Commissioners doing what they want to do in another end run around the citizens of Lee County?

As a footnote, this was sent to all of the County Commissioners, the County Manager and the County Attorney almost a month ago. They have all been noticeably silent.

Norman Cannon

Fort Myers