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Immigration policy fraught with problems

By Staff | Mar 25, 2021

To the editor:

It is difficult to lose an election especially when you feel it is so important for this country but it also verifies your beliefs. Although Biden is not receiving the castigation that Trump received there is much news if you look about the immigration crisis.

Trump was beat up about the immigration system separating children from their parents and putting them behind fences which Obama built, by the way. It took some time to iron out the details but no Democrat will ever forget how great it was to talk about Trump in this regard.

Now we have a similar situation but much more severe with immigration involving children on the border. Mexico is upset with Biden because he has signaled an open border policy and now Mexico is being overrun by peoples from Guatemala, Honduras and other countries. To get to Biden’s open borders they have to go through Mexico and they are coming en mass. It is a stampede.

It is a smuggler’s paradise, too. Business is good. Smugglers are selling their transportation of illegals and even using the roads used by the wall contractors to do the transporting. This is unfortunate because they are taking advantage of poor people and in some cases committing crimes against those people along the way.

Once they get across the border Biden gives them a pathway to citizenship. It starts with housing them and there just aren’t enough fences or confinement buildings for the masses coming in. They recently added a military base and are looking at a Dallas convention center. This is really house arrest and it is not comfortable because they are just trying to get them indoors with little preparation, food service, showers, toilets etc. They are being separated from their parents in some cases. At least one mother was chased back across the bridge in a matter of hours and her daughter was left in the states.

Next will be a process in which they are identified and allowed to apply for citizenship. They are turned loose, probably never to be seen again since no one enforces their return.

A Democrat told me what needs to be done to satisfy the Democrat immigration machine. I asked why didn’t Obama do it and he had no answer. I also asked why illegals should be put in front of the line that has legal applicants waiting for years to be accepted. Those who break the laws are treated better than those who don’t. He didn’t have an answer.

The president’s open border signal must be attractive to more than 2 billion people. Wonder how Cape Coral would look with a few million inhabitants.

John Benedict

Cape Coral