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Editorial | Best wishes to the Class of ’24

By Staff | May 17, 2024

The Class of ’24 does not need to hear the classic gird- up-for-the-next-step-on-your-journey trope — these graduating seniors know very well that life not only is not “fair,” but it can dump literal piles of debris in one’s everyday path.

In an interview with The Breeze regarding graduation, North Fort Myers High School Principal Debbie Diggs summed up their high school years well.

The Class of ’24 wrapped up middle school during the pandemic and started high school with variations of in-school and virtual learning, she said.

This meant educational challenges and scant opportunity to enjoy the things unique to high school — dances, proms, pep rallies.

Post pandemic and after a short stint of “normalcy,” their lives were disrupted again — some severely– by Hurricane Ian which impacted thousands of Lee County families who suffered the loss of homes, of jobs, of businesses.

On the brink of adulthood, those graduating this weekend face record-high housing costs as they launch and an economy where even a fast-food meal can set you back twenty bucks if you opt for that large fry and Coke.

What we will say is that tough times are not unique.

Nor are tough kids on the cusp of becoming resilient adults.

So, in place of the traditional get-ready-to-grow-up mantra, we will again recognize that there are many in this year’s graduating class, both here in Lee County and across the state of Florida, who are, indeed, already adults, young adults who want to change a world that needs changing.

On that mission, we wish them well.

And we wish that there was far, far less for them to tackle.

All the best to the Class of ’24.

You made it.

And you earned it the hard way.

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