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Here’s to American resilience

By Staff | Nov 12, 2020

We can scrutinize our politics, criticize our systems and debate our economic philosophies, but there is one thing few can successfully call into question — American ingenuity and resilience.

There is good news on the vaccine front with trials showing the liklihood of one, perhaps two, effective vaccines ready for the next phase of testing. U.S.-based Pfizer, and BioNTech, a German company, have achieved what vaccine researchers are calling “extraordinary” progress.

A viable vaccine would be good news, indeed.

But ingenuity is not limited to “profit-driven” conglomerates with international ties, as the critics of capitalism are already espousing.

Ingenuity, defined as the ability to find a solution, is imbedded deep in our cultural DNA.

That inherent attribute is amply illustrated here in Lee County where we have seen the School District of Lee County pivot on classroom options amid changing state regulations and evolving student needs; where we have seen Lee Health ramp up its resources to also treat a new and deadly disease .

But ingenuity not limited there, either.

Ingenuity is our small owner-operators revamping their business plans to stay afloat.

It’s families figuring out ways to stay in touch or expanding celebrations via Zoom.

It’s everyone who has figured out a way to make things as “normal” as possible on an everyday level.

A most recent case in point is the organizers of the annual Veterans Day parade who came up with a new concept in a community that saw virtually all of its annual celebrations cancelled this year along with all of the planned events to mark our city’s 50th anniversary.

Parade organizers, and the city of Cape Coral, came up with the idea of drive-by parade with the public invited to decorate their vehicles in honor of those who have served our country. It was a great idea — and curse you, Hurricane Eta, which washed out that COVID-complaint event.

Literally and unfortunately, forcing its cancellation as well.

So let us today, share the heartfelt message behind the Veterans Day salute that, again, had been set for the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month: To all veterans — those who have served, those who are serving — thank you for your service, thank you for your sacrifice.

The big sacrifices of deployment in times of war and, yes, times of peace. The time spent away from home and family. The risk to life, to health, to mental well being.

Thank you to those willing to sacrifice their youth, their time and their life for us — all of us, including those who scrutinize our politics, criticize our systems, debate our economic philosophies and, too often, find those things lacking.

American ingenuity — and resilience.

From the top down to the boots on the ground, thank you for your efforts.

— Breeze editorial