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Cape Coral City Council candidates Question of the Week

By Staff | Jun 26, 2020

What are the top three planks of your platform?

District 2

Bryan DeLaHunt

Public Safety: To meet the current and future needs of Cape Coral I will make it a priority to bring a second hospital to Cape Coral.

Water Quality: I will propose a total year-round phosphorus fertilizer ban. Several states have enacted statewide phosphorus fertilizer bans and it is time for Cape Coral to take this easy step to improve water quality.

Taxes: I will make sure every dollar spent by Cape Coral is used for a need of the city. No more trips to China or land speculation.

Todd Maurer

Cape Coral has seen incredible growth and we are only halfway there. I believe it is important that we do the following in a fiscally responsible way.

Ensure we plan for and deliver infrastructure to support that growth including the UEP, sidewalk and streetlight expansion

Protect our natural environment such as our waterways which is an incredible asset in Cape Coral and we only have one shot to preserve it

Ensure we plan for and attract the right development of commercial and residential build outs across the city and move current projects along such as seven islands

Dan Sheppard

Public health and safety: Due to our continued rapid growth we need another hospital, or expand our current one, emergency room overcrowding even out of season. More traffic police officers needed.

Infrastructure growth: Completing and maintaining existing infrastructure needed for entertainment district and seven islands. Increase percolation throughout the city for better water quality. Stricter ordinances on commercial landscape appearance and maintenance. Growth that blights our city doesn’t add value.

Improving the magnet that drew us all here: Community involved projects, Donate a Median project, City Botanical Gardens, increase non-profit partnerships.

These items raise home values and city revenue.


District 3

Chris Cammarota

Public Safety

Fully support our Police & Fire Depts. Cape Coral is one of the safest cities in Florida. Being top rated in safety will draw new residents and help businesses notice us.


Improve relations between council and residents. Return to 4 monthly Council voting meetings and 1 COW meeting, changing the time from 4:30 to 5 p.m. Continue using E-comments; this gives residents another option to be heard. Council members should hold quarterly town hall meetings.


Have a full master plan in place for the UEP, helping help us bridge the tax gap between residential/commercial properties.

Tom Hayden

Sidewalks: Only 9 percent of Cape roads have sidewalks — and Lee County consistently ranks at the top in Florida for pedestrian deaths each year. Sidewalks, especially on roads within two miles of schools, need sidewalks. Grants, public-private partnerships, budget reserves would be funding sources.

Public safety: Continue to work with police department on improving pay, upgrading performance standards and community relations effectiveness.

Water quality: Using my knowledge and resources to work with stakeholders and make sure we have a voice on protecting our canals, limiting Lake Okeechobee releases, enforcing fertilizer ordinances and using scientific research to eliminate algae blooms.

Joseph Kilraine

Set policy / direction to ensure:

1. Maximum satisfaction with services provided

Public safety (Police, Fire)

Privatized healthcare access

2. Long-term financial sustainability, affordability, property value appreciation

Infrastructure investment

Smart business expansion to improve (lopsided) resident tax burden

Retain/expand existing base/add new

Attract “right types” of businesses via educated labor pool, regulations, infrastructure options, incentive financing

3. Expand opportunities to enjoy natural splendors

Water quality

Recreational enhancements (ie GO bond)

Edward Nichols

I would like to ensure the safety of Cape Coral by making sure our police and sheriff departments are well funded. I would like to increase tourism to Cape Coral by creating a botanical garden greater than any in the area. Lastly, I would like to ban all 5G cell towers from Cape Coral to protect all citizens from the negative heath risks it inflicts.


District 5

Louis C. Navarra

1. Lower the millage rate

2. Cape Coral Police reform

3. Protect environment

The millage rate is higher than the Lee County School Board. They have a minimum or 4.5 mils imposed by state.

An independent audit of the CCPD starting at the top including an indepentent auditor. (like Ft.PD.) We will have some plans for changing the CCPD attitude that the “ends justify the means.”

Stop the development of pristine land here in the Cape. Clean Water.

Robert Welsh

Focused Smart Growth

Improve infrastructure in key areas

Attract soft industry and commercial businesses which have minimal impact to our environment

Collaborate on unsubsidized workforce housing solutions

Quality of Life

Clean Water

Public Safety Proper training for police and fire

Protect green space and improve parks

Fiscal Responsibility

Reduce our property tax by boosting commercial growth

Watch guard frivolous spending

Eliminate outrageous consulting fees


District 7

Jessica Cosden

1. Quality of life: water quality AND quantity, sidewalks, streetlights, managing growth, and continuing my fight to keep the Fire Service Assessment low.

2. Economic growth (and recovery) via my three-pronged approach: a well-funded, staffed Economic Development department, properly situated Land Use and Zoning to encourage development in the right places, and continued expansion of utilities. (What large business would relocate to a parcel without city water or sewer?)

3. Good governance. Council must adhere to its own Strategic Plan, listen to residents’ concerns, and foster an environment of transparency. I will remain a consensus builder and make data-driven decisions.

Patty L. Cummings

To make a positive difference in the direction and future of Cape Coral and be the voice of the people when it comes to public safety, clean water, education /schools, economic growth and expansion. I view this position on the city council as the most important position in government.

Public safety and clean water. Algae blooms and toxic dumping need to be addressed and remedied.

Improving our public school system – curriculum and bus routes.

Expanding infrastructure and small businesses for city economic growth and future expansion.

Dr. Derrick Donnell

Maintaining a fiscally responsible budget

Promoting and securing smart growth policies

Communicating honestly with our residents

We will adopt a budget that maintains/enhances our current service levels while keeping the financial impact to residents as low as possible and protecting all city employees.

People all over the globe continue to move into our beautiful city. We must be intentional/proactive in modifying and adopting policies that will be strategic and effective in managing this growth.

I am a critical listener. I will always be completely honest and hold myself accountable to you.