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Woman charged with interference with child custody order

By Staff | Jun 14, 2024

At approximately 3 p.m., Thursday, June 13, Cape Coral Police officers responded to a residence in southeast Cape Coral for the report of a kidnapping in progress.

The CCPD call notes stated that the biological mother of the children, Angela Lynn Fults, 37, arrived at the call location, took possession of the children and left abruptly.

Police reported that the father of the children said that he has a temporary court order granting him sole responsibilities, and he was able to provide the paperwork supporting this. He told officers he was concerned because he believed that Fults had been experiencing mental health issues.

Responding officers began circulating local parking lots in the vicinity where Angela Fults was last located. An officer went into a store and quickly located the woman and the children.

Police reported that all of the children were recovered unharmed.

Fults, police said, was unable to give officers a clear response as to why she took the kids.

The children were returned back to the care and custody of their father. Fults was arrested and charged with one count of interference with custody, a third-degree felony.