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Driver facing multiple charges after traffic crash, altercation

By CJ HADDAD - | Jun 10, 2024

Antonio Guzman Garcia

A three-car traffic crash in Cape Coral turned violent Sunday afternoon and resulted in punches thrown and a man smashing a vehicle’s window with a golf club.

Cape Coral Police Department officials said they arrested Anthony Guzman Garcia, 38, who is facing 11 charges including DUI, battery and aggravated assault.

Police said Guzman Garcia, who was driving a Ford F150, rear-ended a Chevrolet Malibu, which, in turn, rear-ended a Jeep at the intersection of Cape Coral Parkway East and Del Prado Boulevard South just before 12:30 p.m.

CCPD officials said a caller that reported the crash said a large disturbance had occurred between the parties, and when officers arrived, Guzman Garcia was “covered in blood.”

The driver of the Jeep told police that when he and his passenger went to take photos of Guzman Garcia’s license plate, Guzman Garcia “started shoving him toward oncoming traffic.” Police said the driver of the Jeep then stepped in to break up an altercation with Guzman Garcia and the driver of the Malibu, who had a child in the car, and Guzman Garcia then punched the Jeep’s passenger “on the side of the head.”

Police said the driver of the Jeep and his passenger then went back into the car, and saw Guzman Garcia go back to his truck and grab a golf club, “which he then used to shatter the driver’s side window of the Jeep.”

According to a CCPD release, “The driver and passenger inside were cut by the glass. The golf club snapped, and the driver of the Jeep said Guzman Garcia started stabbing at him with the broken end of the club several times, so he drove his car across the street to wait for police.”

Police said the driver of the Malibu sustained minor injuries, and watched the fight break out between the occupants of the Jeep and Guzman Garcia, as well as the smashing of the window and stabbing motions.

She told police Guzman Garcia then approached her car and was “hitting her window with the golf club until officers arrived.”

Police said witnesses on the scene also corroborated the story.

CCPD officers stated when they spoke with Guzman Garcia, he was “extremely agitated and appeared disoriented.”

Guzman Garcia told police he was attacked and had a gun pointed at him, and appeared to go unconscious while talking to fire fighters on the scene.

Officers said they observed Guzman Garcia with “bloodshot, watery eyes.”

Guzman Garcia was transported to a local hospital, but on the way, police said the ambulance had to stop, and when officers opened the back rescue doors, they found medics “working to restrain a combative and physically aggressive Guzman Garcia.”

Police said one medic reported Guzman Garcia spit blood into his face, “which was visible.”

Guzman Garcia was eventually taken to the emergency room, and police said medical staff reported him to have a blood alcohol level of .177.

Officer stated that as Guzman Garcia was informed of his charges, “he became loud and disruptive” and began threatening officers.

Guzman Garcia is charged with one count of unlawful blood alcohol level, three counts of DUI damage to property and personal injury, two counts of battery touch or strike, one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of aggravated assault with the intent to commit a felony, one count of criminal mischief of $1,000 or more, battery on specified personnel, and one count of intimidation threats against a law enforcement officer.

Guzman Garcia is in custody at the Lee County Jail, with a total bond of $56,500.