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Parks update on Council agenda

By Staff | Feb 26, 2024

Cape Coral City Council will get updates Wednesday on parks projects funded by bonds voters approved in 2018.

The workshop is packed with quarterly reports, as well as a discussion about the city’s existing boat canopy structure regulations.

In addition to the update on the $60 million general obligation bond initiative for new and improved parks, reports will include the grants management, capital improvements for CIP, utilities and public works,communications and economic and business development.

Six parks funded with the bonds to be paid back via a special property tax have now opened: Giuffrida Park, Del Prado Linear Park, Gator Trails Park, Sands Park and Joe Coviello Park as have the new amenities at Cultural Park.

Yellow Fever Creek Preserve is 65% complete and is currently behind schedule. The contract amount was $5,739,321 with a 5% contingency of $286,966 for a budget of $6,026,287. According to the presentation “liquidated damages may be assessed on this contract.” The contractor is OAC Action Construction.

Lake Kennedy Racquet Center is 60% complete with a June completion date. The contract amount for Charles Perry Partners, Inc., includes $10,707,648 with a 5% contingency of $535,382 for a total budget of $11,243,030. This facility will include 32 pickleball courts, 12 tennis courts and a pro-shop, office, and concessions. Additional parking is in design for the center.

The groundbreaking for Crystal Lake Park took place Friday. The construction budget is $10,293,147. The contractor is Pavement Maintenance, LLC. The duration of the contract is 360 days with a scheduled completion for March 2025.

The contract award for Festival Park took place last week for a total budget of $17,829,987. The contract duration with Burke Construction Group, Inc. is 480 days.

The remaining three parks remain in various stages.

Lake Meade, south of Kismet Parkway and just west of Del Prado Boulevard Cape Coral, has the potential for a public-private partnership, or P3, for amenities to include a community center, pool and indoor recreation.

Tropicana Park is in the permitting process, as is the Yacht Club, which has been pulled form the GO-bond funded parks master plan and also may include a P3 for its planned amenities, which will include a new two-story facility for public events, resort-style pool, new fishing pier or piers and a four-story parking garage.

P3s are contractual partnerships with a private party to operate, and sometimes construct, public amenities. The city-owned Sun Splash Family Waterpark is operated under a P3. Yacht Club currently has a P3 contract with the operators of the Boathouse Tiki Bar & Grill at the Yacht Club where the existing city-operated structures, closed since Hurricane Ian, will be demolished to make way for a new park concept.

Councilmember Bill Steinke brought forth the overview of the existing boat canopy structure regulations.

The meeting will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 28, in Council Chambers, at 1015 Cultural Park. Blvd.

The meeting is open to the public.