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Cape Coral under severe drought, urges residents to conserve water

By Staff | May 26, 2023


The city of Cape Coral is currently experiencing a severe drought, according to the United States Geological Survey Drought Monitoring website. Current rainfall is 5.9 inches below the seasonal average, and if adequate rainfall does not occur soon, the city may have to impose a one-day-a-week lawn watering schedule.

Reducing water usage now is vital to protecting Cape Coral’s water resources, so the city has increased code compliance monitoring to ensure residents are irrigating at their designated times:

The city of Cape Coral encourages residents to conserve water by voluntarily watering lawns once weekly. At a minimum, Cape Coral residents can do their part to reduce water consumption by optimizing their irrigation system for high efficiency and following the city’s year-round watering schedule. If residents have landscaping that needs extra water, they can water by hand with a garden hose and cut-off nozzle at any time of the day or night per the city’s Water and Sewer Utilities ordinance.

Source: City of Cape Coral