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Jehovah’s Witnesses returning to Hertz Arena for convention June 21

By Staff | Jun 18, 2024

Jehovah's Witnesses at an earlier convention at Hertz Arena in Estero. This year's convention at Hertz Arena will be held this weekend. PHOTO PROVIDED

Jehovah’s Witnesses will present their 2024 “Declare the Good News!” convention series beginning the weekend of June 21 at Hertz Arena in Estero. The free event is expected to draw more than 18,000 attendees over the course of four weekends – fueling the city’s economy with local spending at stores, hotels and restaurants. Last year, nearly 13 million people attended more than 6,000 three-day conventions worldwide.

“We are excited to once again work with city officials in Estero to host our conventions,” said Rudy Romero, a local spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “These conventions are a highlight of the year for thousands of people who need to experience some positivity in their lives, and we are happy to enjoy the program in this welcoming and hospitable city.”

The convention will present Bible-based videos, discourses and interviews on topics such as:

n Why We Don’t Fear Bad News

n Use the Good News to Defeat Bad News

n “Everlasting Good News”–In What Sense?

Cape Coral resident Brett Williams said he is looking forward to being at the convention with his family.

“When I’m there I feel everyone’s loving embrace, even from those I may not know,” said Williams.

His wife Megan said she feels the same.

“Conventions are a special time for us, and we all feel so happy.”

Saturday spotlights a baptism of candidates from surrounding communities, while a two-part video feature will captivate the audience on Friday and Saturday mornings.

To learn more about this free convention and to find a Jehovah’s Witness location near you, please visit jw.org > About Us > Conventions.