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Lee Commissioners vote to pursue purchase of nearly 250 acres for Conservation 20/20

By Staff | Feb 20, 2024

The Lee Board of County Commissioners voted Tuesday to pursue acquisition activities on 12 parcels totaling 249.2 acres for Conservation 20/20 Land Acquisition Program.

The vote authorizes county staff to negotiate terms for purchase. Any negotiated terms will come back before the Board for consideration.

The parcels recommended by the Conservation 20/20 Land Acquisition and Stewardship Advisory Committee (CLASAC) are:

• Eight in-fill parcels located in the Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed (CREW) area in southeast Lee County, totaling 194 acres. The largest parcel is 164 acres, five parcels are 5 acres each and two parcels are 2.5 acres each. The South Florida Water Management District manages acquired Conservation 20/20 properties in this area through a Memorandum of Understanding. The nominated parcels are all adjacent to or within the proximity to existing publicly owned lands.

• Two in-fill parcels totaling 3 acres in the existing Charlotte Harbor Buffer Preserve, a Conservation 20/20 property, and Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park.

• A parcel of about 12 acres located along the southern bank of the Caloosahatchee River, within vicinity of Columbus G. McLeod Preserve, an Oxbow Island off the Fort Myers Shores area. It is north of Palm Beach Boulevard, west of Old Olga Road and east of State Road 31.

• A 40-acre parcel adjacent to the Bob Janes Conservation 20/20 Preserve in northeast Lee County.

There are currently 31,437 acres within the Conservation 20/20 Land Acquisition Program.

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Source: Lee County Government