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Collaboratory’s Women’s Legacy Fund awards Patty’s Place, Youth Concierge Mental Health Care $40,000

By Staff | Aug 26, 2022

Collaboratory’s Women’s Legacy Fund awarded Patty’s Place, a concierge Youth Mental Health Care Service, $40,000 to provide a bridge for mental health support in Southwest Florida for youth 10-26 years of age and their families. In addition to the funding, the grant includes other support including mentorship and coaching from an entrepreneur and organizational expert. This combination of funding and coaching will provide organizational strengthening, strategic planning, metrics and outcomes for future impact investing opportunities.

Founded by Patricia DeVost, licensed clinical social worker, Patty’s Place provides interim support for youth and their families at the time of need until additional resources are secured. This provides a much-needed resource within the community as there are extended wait times currently for those seeking long-term mental health support.

As a concierge service, Patty’s Place sees those in need, in-person, offering multiple meetings to individualize and formulate a plan based on the client’s needs.

DeVost said they will match the needs to a provider if issues have not been de-escalated in the interim.

Patty’s Place will serve as a community resource and triage center and offer three to five meetings with those who require help navigating the systems of care, or who are unable to get in to see someone. Unlike traditional therapy or emergency crisis clinics, Patty’s Place will assess, coach, support, and monitor individuals while deciding next steps, if deemed necessary. The hope is that de-escalation of issues will occur, and the stigma of accessing support is reduced through this process.

According to DeVost, Patty’s Place will offer a space and build partnerships with providers for reciprocal referrals, while also offering internships to those entering the field from local programs.

Patty’s Place will also provide additional resources: consultation, clinical supervision, professional development training, specialized therapies, and group work.

Patty’s Place will be opening soon in Cape Coral, FL. To learn more about Patty’s Place, visit www.pattysplace.org and follow on Facebook. To make a contribution, visit www.collaboratory.org/pattysplace.

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