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Pascha’s Preserve dedicated as city recognizes Gopher Tortoise Day

By Staff | Apr 15, 2021
Pascha and Ed Donaldson at Pascha's Preserve in Cape Coral.
Councilmember Jennifer Nelson reads cty of Cape Coral Gopher Tortoise Day proclamation.
One of the gopher tortoise burrows at Pascha’s Preserve in Cape Coral.

A special event was held in Cape Coral Saturday, April 10, to help the state and city celebrate Gopher Tortoise Day,and to dedicate the new Pascha’s Preserve at 3713 Oasis Blvd. Cape Coral City Councilmember Jennifer Nelson read a proclamation declaring the day Gopher Tortoise Day in Cape Coral.

Pascha’s Preserve, which is the home to several gopher tortoise burrows, was funded by Pascha and Ed Donaldson. “We hope others might donate land with gopher tortoises or burrowing owls or simply land for habitat of other wildlife that help feed wildlife,” Pascha said. Gopher Tortoise Day was adopted in Florida in 2016 as a day of appreciation and to encourage people to conserve the threatened species. (Photos provided by LORI HAUS-BULCOCK.)