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Allied Physical Therapy opens new facility in Cape Coral

By KATIE EGAN - | Sep 9, 2021

Dr. Matthew Harkness imagined what the ultimate campus for wellness would look like.

And he thinks he’s accomplished it.

Allied Physical Therapy’s new building, located near the intersection of Pine Island Road and Chiquita Boulevard, opened on July 29.

It was built with team usability and guest conveniences in mind.

The waterfront view is one of the highlights of the new space.

And you can’t help but feel lighter when you catch a glimpse.

The natural surroundings, relaxed atmosphere and inspirational quotes also help patients relax.

Harkness, the president and founder, wanted to find a spot in a more central location. He also wanted to expand Allied Physical Therapy’s services.

Allied offers other wellness options such as a nutrition coaching program, Wellness Connection video series, group fitness classes and individual fitness training.

Besides specializing in physical therapy, Allied also offers pelvic floor therapy; help with back pain and sciatica; head, neck and jaw therapy; and an athletic group treatment program.

Harkness wanted to find a property that would capture the beauty of the Southwest Florida landscape.

“This is on the water,” he said. “It was very appealing to us. Wellness, beauty and nature are such a part of getting well.”

Harkness wanted to integrate that into the experience. He also wanted the two acres to be more of a campus.

Harkness has plans to expand.

He’s considering more walking paths and more landscaping to make the property even more soothing and relaxing.

So far, the reaction has been great.

“The parking lot is full,” Harkness said. “The community loves it. It’s really a unique experience in terms of location.”

There is something to be said about nature helping people relax.

Research from an interdisciplinary Cornell team found that as little as 10 minutes in a natural setting can help people feel happier and lessen the effects of both physical and mental stress.

“I had one patient who was stressed, on the phone, getting ready for the day,” Harkness said, as an example. “She looked at the lake and took a deep breath and said it all went away. It was really impactful for her.”

The spacious rooms are cool and calming.

There is more parking, more treatment rooms, a clean and comfortable lobby and reception area, a gym area and exercise spaces.

The space is decorated in grays and blues.

“It’s a cool, clean environment,” Harkness said. “The patients and staff are really amazing.”

It’s all about helping the community.

“We are here not just working to earn an income, but we really are working to impact the community and to live our calling,” he said. “Our mission is to get people back to what they love–not just physical but mind and spirit are a large part of that.”

They help people with joint pain, neck pain, back pain and so much more.

“It could be joint pain or a bone problem or long-hauler symptoms of COVID,” Harkness said. “What we do is implement treatment such as education on proper activity levels, proper behaviors, skilled treatment in terms of soft tissue relation techniques and hands on manipulation.”

Allied Physical Therapy wants to help people live as comfortably as possible. And that includes helping patients age-in-place so they can be in their own environment and feel comfortable.

“And have us as a resource and be able to be in the home you love in the area you love and not have to unexpectantly transition to a new environment,” Harkness said.

Being healthy is about being in an affirming environment and learning simple habits.

“That if you do them on a regular basis, they will keep you doing things you love whether it’s travel, boating, going out to eat or being with grandchildren,” Harkness said.

Allied Physical Therapy’s logo is a path.

“Health is not a destination, it’s a journey,” Harkness said. “You need a resource to help you on this journey for a lifetime. That’s what we want to do for clients and patients: Get them on the journey. Have them feeling great. Affirm them. Get them the tools they need.”