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We were there…

By Staff | Apr 15, 2022
A Breeze file photo from circa 1962 shows the Cape Coral Shopping Plaza in its infancy.
Big John, one of Cape Coral’s most famous landmarks, is delivered and assembled as documented in this Breeze file photo from 1969.
Construction of Cape Coral High School in 1978.
Gulf Middle School gets its name engraved in a cement wall in 1981.
Mariner High School under construction in 1986.
Cape Coral City Councilman Tony Rotino is at center in this photo of the groundbreaking for an annex to the Tony Rotini Center, added in 1981.
Cultural Park Theater is constructed circa 1990.
Cape Coral City Council members and other officials take a tour of the under-construction Sun Splash Family waterpark circa 1991. BREEZE FILE PHOTO
Del Prado Boulevard is expanded to six lanes in 1991.

The Breeze has covered the Cape for 60 years.