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Seasonal gardening

By Staff | Nov 27, 2019

Gardening is a seasonal time period, an occasion for planting, growing and harvesting.

Once we decided where to plant and what to plant, we need to know when to plant, and, of course, the best part the actual harvest season.

My understanding is five seasons, more or less, dependent on Mother Nature’s challenges or hot, cold, wet and the occasional hurricane passing by.

Spring and summer seasons are gone, as well as the short Indian Summer, which is a period

of unreasonably warm weather that sometimes occurs in October or November.

We did endure Indian Summer here in the southwest this year.

Autumn is the season now and it will end Dec. 21, becoming the first day of winter.

I am not going to discuss the season called Christmas.That season is more of a debt growing season and although it takes a lot of energy and planning, a good harvest is not really that dependable.

I know I do not have to outline gardeners’ specific ideas and plans and hopes for each season. A lot of gardeners just take a rest from gardening until next spring. The ones that plant autumn/fall gardens are already seeing a bit of harvesting and lots of signs that more is soon to come.

I am not saying much about Black Friday either. That day is probably one of the best days for gardeners to stay in the garden, and enjoy the fruits of their labors and work off some of their Thanksgiving Day harvest table.

“The leaves are a falling:

Christmas is calling

go with the flow and

be glad of no snow.”

HI Jean Shields is Past President of the Garden Club of Cape Coral.