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Will the truth change your mind?

By Staff | May 26, 2023

To the editor:

The relentless outrage and persecution of Donald Trump has plagued America since he announced his candidacy for President. The fact that he was a DC outsider was what his supporters chalked this up to. We saw him as a person who would in fact drain the swamp but unfortunately the deep state interfered with the will of the people as provided in the Durham report this week. The Russia hoax was perpetrated by every democrat on the Hill, the media parroted the same talking points and the democratic base followed along like sheep. It took 3 year and God knows how much taxpayer money to tell the American public what so many already knew. If you believed what the government was telling you about the outrageous Russia lie, are you angry you were misled? Or do you still hate the DC outsider that exposed the swamp?

Tammy Kurdyla

Cape Coral