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Time to hold Mexico accountable

By Staff | Mar 16, 2023

To the editor:

Now that American tourists have been kidnapped and murdered, maybe it’s time to put a warning not to visit Mexico.

The president of Mexico does not want the United States to enter his country to protect U.S. citizens. Well, I guess they don’t need our foreign aid and tourism. Time to tell the cruise ship companies not to go the Mexican ports. Most cruise ships are flying out-of-country flags but they need ports in states like Florida, Texas, New York and more. We have the maritime unions that work these ports and the harbor pilots to safety move these large ships in and our of our harbors. Imagine all the cruise ships stacked up waiting for harbour pilots to bring a ship in.

Time for the cruise ship companies to start protecting their passengers, too. Avoid Mexican ports, don’t get off the ship, keep your money in your pockets. Remember, Mexico needs us more than we need them.

Mexico has to shut down its southern borders also. We all see the number of people begging to enter the U.S. and the money Mexico gets from the U.S. to fight the drug cartels is in the millions and not working. Time to cut the aid — we are seeing more illegal drugs coming from Mexico than ever before.

If the Mexican leaders can’t fix the drug problem and do not want to control their southern border, they do not need U.S. dollars. It’s time we get tough on these foreign countries that have become leeches for U.S. aide.

Gary Bongers

Cape Coral