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Treatment of America’s seniors shameful

By Staff | Sep 22, 2022

To the editor:

In addition to what Mr. Gunderman has written you our government is spending millions of dollars helping illegal immigrants with travel in this country, cell phones, medical care, loaded debit cards etc; all at taxpayer expense.

Senior citizens on fixed incomes are being forced to make choices of paying their utility bills or eating.

While proposals to raise minimum wages are so popular and sending billions of dollars to other countries, seniors in this country who rely on Social Security are forgotten by each administration or are given scraps called increases. Seniors are given a $2 increase with a $3 increase in tax someplace else.

Check the records, see what whopping increases have be given Social Security over the last 50 years and how those increases were eliminated by a increase in some form of tax. It’s shameful how this country treats its senior citizens.

Jack Orth

Cape Coral