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Shame on them

By Staff | Aug 12, 2022

To the editor:

Our Board of County Commissioners is at it again.

They have been limiting public input at their public hearings to three minutes. (Is this an abridgement of free speech?) Now, shame on me for this, I have just discovered that their Administrative Code (AC-2-7) calls for five minutes for the public. Well, they just can’t have this so they are in the process of amending the code to limit citizens to three minutes.

“Each such statement will be limited to five (5) three (3) minutes or as the Board may otherwise allow.”

If that is not enough, they want to eliminate a portion of the Code which requires a showing of hands by the public as to whether or not they agree with the Commissioners. I know they have been avoiding this and can only assume that they might be embarrassed by the lack of citizen support.

They are this arrogant because we, the citizens of Lee County, have allowed them to be.

Norman Cannon

Fort Myers