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If it doesn’t work, tax ’em anyway

By Staff | Jun 9, 2022

To the editor:

The saga continues with the Mayor and City Council. Case in point: Cape Coral’s 311 call center. The budget item of the call center is approximately $148,000/year.

When you dial 311, sometimes the calls shunt to Collier County’s 311 call center. Collier 311 will tell you I can give you a landline number to Cape 311. They know about the problem.

The Point: For the tax money we are paying the city, this number should work every time.

Six months ago, I mentioned this at Council’s citizen’s input time. Councilmember Cosden was the only one concerned. She asked city staff to explain the problem. City staff said was no big problem, it was a glitch. They can always use the landline number instead.

It is a big problem especially when I am paying taxes for a service that is not dependable. Will 911 get Collier County for a medical or police emergency in the Cape?

Council’s answer: If it doesn’t work tax ’em anyway.

Lou Navarra

Cape Cora