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A fair comparison

By Staff | Jun 9, 2022

To the editor:

A majority of voters thought Richard Nixon was a worthy president, until he was exposed as the terrible person he truly was. Same goes for Donald Trump.

Nixon was a big liar and so is Trump. However, Nixon worked hard to hide his lies. To this day, Trump revels in openly lying. Nixon knew that if he lied openly he would never be re-elected. Trump was not smart enough to figure that out.

Nixon had the common sense to resign before he was impeached. Trump has no common sense so we had to elect a president who had attributes commonly associated with goodness and human decency.

By now, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Donald Trump is not suited as president nor for any other position that requires a moral and ethical compass, compassion, humility and fundamental human decency.

As you know, at his campaign rally in Sioux City, Iowa, Trump said: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Seriously, ask yourself, “Who in their right mind would say something like that?”

Trump has ruined the classic Republican Party. And now, those pathetic grovelers at his feet have lost any shred of ethics, humanity and human decency as they crave and beg for a mere pittance of his approval.

And yet, there are “Trump 2024” flags flying. Not many, but just enough to remind us that for unfathomable reasons some people want him to be president again.

It’s comforting to know they’re in the minority.

Paul Kiefner

St. Augustine

formerly of Cape Coral