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People flaunting the term ‘Conservative’

By Staff | Dec 2, 2021

To the editor:

So many people, especially in these troublesome times, flaunt the term “Conservative” as some sort of badge or symbol of unchallenged and overall high respectability and high privilege. I see it as one admitting to being themselves implacably and automatically stubborn without justification (They feel “I believe it, so it is true as a certainty”) and then to being highly irresponsible A) in regard to the rights of others: natural human, legal and Constitutional, and, B) in regard to the natural human well-being of others: Their thoughts seem to revolve tightly around a single, simple test: “ME-NOW.”

So, from a Conservative, in a word to others: I don’t care! Thus the Conservative vision does NOT seem to ever extend past the nearest horizon — a horizon beyond which those awful things called “long-term consequences” lie await for him/her — AND others. They categorically deny being in the same boat with we others.

Our present climate crisis is indeed a fine example of this potentially disastrous, ostrich-like shortcoming displayed by these radicals, best described as CON-Servatives!

Allen N Wollscheidt

Cape Coral