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Florida’s congressmen let their state down

By Staff | Dec 2, 2021

To the editor:

This is what your Republican representatives in Congress believe Floridians should not have:

– $13.1 trillion to repair and improve more than 3,500 miles of highways rated in “poor condition,” $245 million for bridge replacement and repair (408 bridges rated “poor”), $16 billion for additional major improvement projects, $2.6 billion for public transportation, $198 million for an EV (electric vehicle) charging network throughout the state, $100 million to improve broadband and bring internet to all regions in Florida where it is lacking, $36 million to protect against wildfires, $29 million to protect against cyber attacks, $1.6 billion for Florida clean water infrastructure, and $1.2 billion for airports.

This is what Florida receives in the Infrastructure Bill that every single Florida congressman voted against. Things our state needs but cannot afford to do for itself. Fortunately, enough other Republicans put the needs of their states above partisan politics and the popular bill passed with bipartisan support.

And, as Mitt Romney said, “This is a bill that is paid for.”

Florida is growing rapidly and state spending is not keeping pace. All Floridians should welcome this investment.

Susan Schroeder