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DeSantis is doing what he was elected to do

By Staff | Dec 2, 2021

To the editor:

Clearly the Liberal Communist Democratic Party will always criticize our governor and even conveniently confuse his responsibilities with those of the intellectually challenged, immoral and totally feckless failure they “elected” as president.

A recent contribution actually blamed our governor for the rise in gas prices and said, among other things, “he has called a special session, not to protect us from rising sea water, nor to mobilize to keep our home insurance costs reasonable in Florida against Hurricanes or flood loss, not to curb the rise in gas prices.”

No, he did not, your president, Joe Biden, is delivering on everything you elected him to do.

He abandoned Americans and allies in Afghanistan; he shut down oil and gas pipelines critical to our supply chain causing gas prices to rise from $2.108/gal., November, 2020 [U.S. Regular All Formulations Retail Gasoline Prices (Dollars per Gallon) (eia.gov)] to $3.291/gal. as of October 2021; corn, wheat and soybean prices have risen under his “regime” from 40% to 70 % (CBOT); he opened our border with Mexico to unlimited illegal border incursions from drug dealers, human traffickers and terrorists; he called it “garbage” in a White House interview when asked about paying illegal aliens $450,000 each and then a week later he said, “I never said that.” His administration has denied that inflation has overrun our economy calling it “transitory” even though highly respected global economists have said, “this round of inflation is not transitory.” (Mohamed El Arian- Cambridge University- interview with John Ferro – Bloomberg). His ridiculous plan called “build America back better” recovery plan is nothing more than another “spend and tax” the blazes out of all of us that work and pay taxes and, it will not reduce your gas prices, your grocery prices, your homeowners’ insurance or your property taxes. It will provide more welfare for those that choose not work or contribute to our “free” society.

Yes, the anti-American Democrats must be very proud of their Pelosi/Schummer/Squad “puppet” that has sold out America to OPEC interest at the expense of every single American citizen struggling to make a living in “his” COVID-inspired, unconstitutional, government takeover of what is left of the United States of America.

Virginia was the “waterloo” friends, and if we are to save our country from the ultra-liberal communists, masquerading as Democrats, then we need another groundswell of “Americanism” in 2022.

Max Christian

St. James City