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No right to override the rights of others

By Staff | Oct 7, 2021

To the editor:

In her letter to the editor, writer Donna Law says,

“Now, about our Gov. DeSantis… while so many want to condemn him and accuse him of wanting to make children, teachers, workers anywhere sick, the governor is giving We the People the right to make our own choices.”

Alas, individuals among We The People simply *D*O* *N*O*T* have the right to unilaterally place others around them into life-threatening danger just in order to satisfy their personal conceptions and notions of their “rights” to make their own choices — That is unless they are willing to quarantine themselves from all physical contact with all others — which they clearly are not willing to do.

This is exactly the same as occurs when some river or lakeside property owner deliberately and knowingly pollutes the waters of a river or lake upon which others depend for drinking water and fishing. Air pollution works the same way!!!

This sounds much like those hyper-selfish and silly gun-toters.

What is more, the governor likewise does not possess the power to place others into danger in order to satisfy the unsupportable whims of a few determined wrong-headed, ignorant and thoughtless people.

What is going on in the heads of people like this and Gov. Ronaway DeSenseless?

Allen Wollscheidt

Cape Coral