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Strengthen Cape Coral’s fertilizer ordinance with more public education

By Staff | Oct 1, 2021

To the editor:

Having lived in Cape Coral almost my entire life I have watched it grow right before my eyes from a scattered cluster of homes south of Pine Island Road to a sea of homes and shopping centers reaching the city limits. Our community is known for its vast canal system where residents can enjoy their piece of paradise with Gulf access and green lawns. However, during the rainy season, people often misapply fertilizer to their lawns putting everyone’s piece of paradise at risk: It washes fertilizer off their lawns, feeding harmful algae.

With Cape Coral’s vast network of more than 400 miles of canals, this fertilizer in canals is putting residents at risk for toxic HABs like blue-green algae. We need to do better to protect our waterways so that we can all have fun, and it starts in our very own backyards.

As someone who has lived here my entire life, I can tell you public awareness is lacking for the current fertilizer ordinance we have. Signage making people aware of fertilizer blackout dates should be required at retail locations.

The City Council needs to vote to strengthen the ordinance.

Anthony Nelson

Cape Coral