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Us versus them…

By Staff | Sep 30, 2021

To the editor:

This is not going to be a name-calling letter, as was written by last week’s writers who do not seem to understand that “one cannot always have your cake; and eat it too”

The reason I state this is simple. It is obvious that those writers are Democrats. You can always tell because, instead of stating facts, they state hate and negativity. They blame everything that Biden has done to ruin our country — yes, I said it, ruin our country — that they call all GOP members and, heaven forbid, they encounter a Trump supporter, for they call them ignorant, and act as though a Republican is a person without a brain or decent thought.

It is sickening to me that people hate people who do not agree with them. We all have an opinion, but, when facts and truth are told, the other side thinks the people with an “R” by their political party are a stupid idiot, simply for stating facts and truth. I am sick and tired of people thinking that because I believe that President Trump did so much good for our country, that I am not capable of being a human being, or forming my own opinion. It should not be necessary for me to defend myself, but, I will…

The Democrats cannot name one thing — not one thing– that is positive for our great country since Biden took over residency of the White House. Which, I would like to remind you, is The People’s House, not the Democrat house. Thus, the name-calling and avoidance of facts & truth.

Facts & Truths: Biden left Americans behind in Afghanistan; Biden took away our borders; Biden and his minions cannot even tell what the exact number of people on the border are, and worse, where they shipped them off to; Biden took away our freedom of choice on masks and vaccines; Biden blames We the People for his terrorism and stupidity; Biden took away our energy independence; Biden put thousands of people out of work; Biden put thousands of small business owners out of business; Biden now tries to make us believe that a $3.5 trillion-plus spending bill is free!!! Really!!! People, do you really believe that? According to Biden, everything should be free; however, the big deal is that “Free is only for those who he wants to come here, illegally, and get paid for doing nothing.” And before anyone thinks I am against immigration, let me make this perfectly clear: Legal immigrants are welcome. Some of my best friends are legal immigrants and I cherish them.

Even they are appalled at the lack of acknowledgement for abiding by our laws and Constitution. So, why should the lawbreakers get special treatment?

The hearings with the so-called military leaders is being shown today, and even they continue to tow the party line and skirt the truth and refuse to take ownership for their flawed and disastrous decisions about Afghanistan. Do they ever consider the heartbreak of the losses of those 14 souls lost for no good reason. May God have mercy on these hypocrites.

When will someone in this administration take ownership of their lies and failures?

Now, about our Gov. DeSantis… while so many want to condemn him and accuse him of wanting to make children, teachers, workers anywhere sick, the governor is giving We the People the right to make our own choices.


People complain that they are not given a chance to choose for themselves, but then they complain and whine when an issue becomes a mandate. Which is it people? What do you really want? It is not my desire for the greatest and richest country in the world, to become socialist, communist, and government owned.

Our forefathers authored our Constitution so that we would be able to live freely. And we, as people, should be able to believe in the Rights and Privileges given to us by our Creator.

Donna Law

Cape Coral