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More bike racks would promote greater bicycle use

By Staff | Sep 9, 2021

To the editor:

We need the following to promote a greater use of bicycles within the city (think lowering carbon emissions.)

Beyond the need for safe bicycle paths there needs to be a way to secure a bicycle once you reach a destination.

All public/city owned parking lots should have secure bicycle racks, ideally have a canopy (perhaps with solar panels for night time security.)

Permitting for new commercial buildings should require secure bicycle parking. All public parks should have secure bicycle racks (larger parks should have multiple bicycle parking racks.)

All schools (middle/high/charter) should have secure canopy-covered bicycle racks.

With the above said, where is the City of Cape Coral on the Cape Coral Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan, a Complete Streets Implementation Strategy for the City. Adopted in 2017?

Bruce Marvin

Cape Coral