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City should not favor development over our existing neighborhoods

By Staff | Sep 9, 2021

To the editor:

I recently sent a letter to the city about the new condo on Coronado south of Cape Coral Parkway. The three-story condo complex looks like a nice professional building. It is in no way in keeping with the other surrounding building, condos, in the area.

We all support managed growth and an increase in our tax base for Cape Coral. However, whatever we approve to be built should add to the surrounding area, not conflict with it.

This does the latter.

I wrote to the city mayor, etc. and my response was as expected — basically to blow me off.

Those we elect or who work for the city need to keep in mind these basic concepts. Add to the community, not development at all cost.

I don’t believe they get it, if this building is an example.

Tony Adinolfi

Cape Coral