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Mr. President, you have blood on your hands

By Staff | Sep 2, 2021

To the editor:

We mourn the unnecessary loss of 13 of our servicemen and women coupled with more than 100 Afghans because of our POTUS, a draft dodger from Christmas Past, making the irresponsible decision of failing to evacuate our American personnel and essential Afghan personnel when warned of future imminent dangers in early July or before. In an interview, Mr. President, you stated you “didn’t recall being warned.” Really!

Mr. President, the blood of those precious 13 military personnel is on your hands. It is a little late to call for revenge for these fallen heroes and their families because of your desire to make an irresponsible decision as the Commander-In-Chief in playing politics, that jeopardized the lives of our precious military personnel.

Now, you made sure you were camera ready for the return of our fallen heroes, whose deaths you were responsible for. Shame on you.

The families will receive a Purple Heart for each of these fallen heroes. If history repeats itself Mr. President, you will again fail to recognize all our combat wounded and fallen heroes on Aug. 7, 2022, our next National Purple Heart Day, as you failed to do so on Aug. 7, 2021. Yet, you will not forget to recognize the whole month of June, as you did this year, as National Pride Month.

Mr. President, what you don’t know about the true meaning of SACRIFICE and PATRIOTISM from those in our military through the years could fill The Library of Congress. When called upon to serve your country you chose to dodge your patriotic duty. Myself and so many of our military veterans are appalled by your actions in playing politics with the lives of those whose sacrifice and patriotism protected all you wannabes.

Our hearts and love go to the families of these 13 military service members whose unnecessary loss of life should be Congressionally investigated for this catastrophic malfeasance by the Biden Administration. Your administration is still attempting in trying to spin this disaster in your favor.

God Bless you, my heroes and all our troops.

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral