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Politics and propaganda

By Staff | Jul 8, 2021

To the editor:

This morning, a couple of the electric transformers in my neighborhood suffered two “well-aimed” lightning bolts, bringing darkness to us and also cleaning our ears, not to mention frightening my puppy dog, Elliot, nearly out of his mind!

Later, a very fine, well-spoken gentleman in an LCEC uniform came to my door requesting my cooperation. It seems we must turn-off our power at the breaker while they wrestle with damage at the transformer. The fix went quickly.

On impulse, I asked this nice fellow what he thought of Trump. “I like him,” he responded. Then I asked, “Do you realize that you are employed by an organization which represents the epitome of an utterly socialist enterprise?” –That is, one owned by its clients and external profit-free. He appeared to be shocked and stated that it had provided a “good living to me and my family for years.” . Now WHY after all, should that NOT be the case.

Yes, he indeed appeared to be shocked: Oh, the wonders of Extremist Poliganda!

Allen N. Wollscheidt

Cape Coral