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Why the wait on city purchase of the old golf course acreage?

By Staff | Apr 22, 2021

To the editor:

It is nice that the city of Cape Coral has promised to give over $17 million dollars in tax rebate incentives for the two projects “Project Dolphin and Project Hoosier” downtown along Cape Coral Parkway, benefiting developers and businesses in the area.

I would like to know when the city will start moving on the sale and purchase of the 175-acre Cape Coral golf course on Palm Tree Boulevard from the land owner with which city started to negotiate on Jan. 29, 2018 with the idea in making it a beautiful park for the whole community to use.

City parks are not only an easy destination for families to go to when they want to meet new friends, but they are also the ideal places to host community events. Parks improve the environmental resilience and health of communities. Green space in urban areas also provides substantial ecosystem services, park’s trees store water, reducing the rate at which it flows into a city’s storm-water treatment facilities.

I think city management and council will wait for those residents who remember when it was a golf course and city council saying they will not re-zone it for housing, to either move or die off. Then City Council will give in to developers and re-zone the area for houses and businesses. I hope not.

Lou Walker

Cape Coral